Additional Foot Golf Information

FootGolf is a great family sport that is affordable, doesn't take all day and gives you a chance for a “brisk walk” in the wonderful Oxnard weather. It generally takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to play 18-holes located on the Vineyard Course. Most people bring their own soccer ball but we do have rentals in the pro shop. The dress code is “family appropriate” and we  recommend indoor soccer shoes (no cleats),  or tennis shoes. The FootGolf Course does not use regular golf greens but has its own that are cut into the fairways and roughs. Like golf, the challenge is getting the ball into the oversized cup, and putting is the biggest challenge. Try it, we are sure you will like it.
Tee times are available most weekday afternoons and on weekend afternoons when we do not have tournaments booked. Please call for further information and tee times (805) 983-4653. Do not make tee times on-line.  If weather is inclement call before your tee time.


More on FootGolf

In May, 2013 we opened the first FootGolf course in CA. At that time, there were four other courses in the U.S.  Today there are over 450, and the projection for next year is a total of 600 courses.  The rapid growth of courses has been parallel with the growth of the competitiveness and the evolution of an international professional tour.  In 2015 the AFGL developed the National Tour with multiple competitions and purses.  Player earned spots on the National team, and in January 2016 16 of the best players in the US went to Argentina to compete in the second World Cup.  Much to our delight, the US team prevailed, besting the host Argentina team in the finals.  The growth on both fronts has convinced us that FootGolf is here to stay.  It is fun, inexpensive and only takes a few hours to play.  It is also a great fundraising opportunity for charities and schools.
There are several links we would like to share with you that will give you more insight into this great sport. The first, the American FootGolf League, shows you more about FootGolf in America with up to date listings on the courses, rules, tournaments, and even resources for shopping equipment! Another site, the Federation of International FootGolf gives you background and current information to the world's governing body for the sport from an international perspective. More United Kingdom centered, visit the UK FootGolf Association to see videos, events, UK courses, and FAQs!

We hope you enjoy the information, but the MOST fun is to come out and enjoy a round!